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Mark Daniel Fleming, M.D.,D.PHIL.

, Harvard Medical School

Academic Activities:

Education and Training:

Medical School - : Harvard Medical School M.D.
Residency 7/1/1993 - 6/30/1995 : Brigham and Women's Hospital
Fellowship 07/01/1995 - 10/31/1996 : Brigham and Women's Hospital
Residency 10/1996 - 12/1996 : Brigham and Women's Hospital
Fellowship 1/1997 - 6/2000 : Children's Hospital Boston

Clinical Specialties:
  • Hematopathology
Research Interests:
  • Hematopoiesis
  1. Fleming MD, Trenor CC, Su M, Foernzler D, Beier D, Dietrich W, and Andrews NC. Microcytic anaemia mice have a mutation in Nramp2, a candidate iron transporter gene. Nature Genetics 1997;16:383-386.
  2. Fleming MD, Romano MA, Garrick L, Garrick MD and Andrews NC. The iron transporter Nramp2 is mutated in the
  3. Fleming, MD. Hepatic iron overload in the age of hereditary hemochromatosis mutation analysis [editorial]. 1998 AJCP 109: 505-507.
  4. Su, MA, Trenor, C, Fleming, JC, Fleming, MD, and Andrews, NC. The G185R mutation disrupts function of the iron transporter Nramp2. 1998 Blood 92:6, 2157-2163.
  5. Fleming, MD and Andrews, NC. Mammalian iron transport: an unexpected link between metal homeostasis and host
  6. Levy, JE, Montross, LK, Cohen, DE, Fleming, MD, and Andrews, NC. The C282Y mutation causing hereditary hemochromatosis does not produce a null allele. 1999 Blood, 94 (1):9-11.
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