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Olga Pozdnyakova, M.D., Ph.D.

Pathologist, Harvard Medical School

Academic Activities:

75 Francis Street

Boston,MA 02115
Education and Training:

Medical School September 1987 - June 1993 : Russian State Medical University M.D.
Residency January 2004 - May 2008 : UMASS Memorial Medical Center Residency

Clinical Specialties: Research Interests: Publication:
  1. Involvement of the bulge region in primary scarring alopecia.
  2. Trisomy 8 in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
  3. Nodular vasculitis - a novel cutaneous manifestation of autoimmune colitis.
  4. CD99 - much ado about nothing?
  5. Hypocellularity in myelodysplastic syndrome is an independent factor which predicts a favorable outcome.
  6. Flow cytometric analysis of myelomonocytic cells by a pattern recognition approach is sensitive and specific in diagnosing myelodysplastic syndrome and related marrow diseases: emphasis on a global evaluation and recognition of diagnostic pitfalls.
  7. Impaired antibody response to group B streptococcal type III capsular polysaccharide in C3- and complement receptor 2-deficient mice.
  8. B lymphocyte memory: role of stromal cell complement and FcgammaRIIB receptors.
  9. Anti-DNA autoreactivity in C4-deficient mice.
  10. Complement C4 is protective for lupus disease independent of C3.
  11. A critical role for complement in maintenance of self-tolerance.
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