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Vinay S. Mahajan, M.D., Ph.D.

, Harvard Medical School
Associate Pathologist

Academic Activities:
Molecular Diagnostics, Microbiology, Immunology
75 Francis Street
AL3-117 Amory Building
Boston,MA 02115
Education and Training:

Medical School - : All India Institute of Medical Sciences M.B.B.S.
Graduate School - : Massachusetts Institute of Technology PhD

Clinical Specialties: Research Interests:
  • Immunology
  • Infectious disease
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  2. P Seth, VS Mahajan, SS Chauhan. Transcription of human cathepsin L mRNA species hCATL B from a novel alternative promoter in the first intron of its gene. Gene 321, 83-91. 2003
  3. Homeostasis of T cell diversity. VS Mahajan, IB Leskov, J Chen. Cell Mol Immunol 2 (1), 1-10, 2005
  4. Ge Q, Holler PD, Mahajan VS, Nguyen T, Eisen HN, Chen J. Development of CD4+ T cells expressing a nominally MHC class I-restricted T cell receptor by two different mechanisms. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006
  5. MJ Palmer, VS Mahajan, LC Trajman, DJ Irvine, DA Lauffenburger, J Chen. Interleukin-7 receptor signaling network: an integrated systems perspective. Cell Mol Immunol 5 (2), 79-89, 2008
  6. VS Mahajan, A Drake, J Chen. Virus-specific host miRNAs: antiviral defenses or promoters of persistent infection? Trends in immunology 30 (1), 1-7. 2009
  7. VS Mahajan, CA Pace, P Jarolim. Interpretation of HIV Serologic Testing Results Clinical chemistry 56 (10), 1523-1526. 2010
  8. CH Shen, O Talay, VS Mahajan, IB Leskov, HN Eisen, J Chen. Antigen-bearing dendritic cells regulate the diverse pattern of memory CD8 T-cell development in different tissues. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (52), 22587. 2010
  9. VS Mahajan, P Jarolim. How to Interpret Elevated Cardiac Troponin Levels Circulation 124 (21), 2350-2354. 2011
  10. MJ Palmer, VS Mahajan, J Chen, DJ Irvine, DA Lauffenburger. Signaling thresholds govern heterogeneity in IL-7-receptor-mediated responses of naïve CD8+ T cells. Immunology and Cell Biology 89 (5), 581-594. 2011
  11. Mattoo H, Della-Torre E, Mahajan VS, Stone JH, Pillai S. Circulating Th2 memory cells in IgG4-related disease are restricted to a defined subset of subjects with atopy. Allergy. 2014 Mar;69(3):399-402.
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