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Department of Pathology
Weekly Schedule: 10/21/2019 - 10/25/2019
Speaker Location
Monday, October 21, 2019
8:00 AM Sarcoma Clinic Working Conference Cotran Conference Center
8:00 AM Autopsy Conference Autopsy suite
9:00 AM CP Call Conference Clinical Lab conference room
1:00 PM Special BWH Pathology Research Conference: Artificial Intelligence for pathology image analysis, integrated diagnosis and pathomic fusion Dr. Faisal Mahmood Cotran Conference Center
1:00 PM Pap/Biopsy Correlation Conference Dammin signout suite
1:00 PM Rad-Path Conference Anne-Sophie Touret, Erin Alston Abrams conference room
4:00 PM Forum for Advanced Biomedical Computation: Deep Learning Based Medical Image Analysis: Practical Challenges Dr. Ahmed Fahmy, Dr. Sinho Do, Dr. Faisal Mahmood 1. Hale, Building for Transformative Medicine
Tuesday, October 22, 2019
8:00 AM Anatomic Pathology Teaching Conference: Dysplasia in Barrett's Esophagus and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Dr. Amitabh Srivastava Dammin signout suite
12:00 PM Women's and Perinatal Diagnostic Conference Dammin signout suite
12:00 PM IBD Conference Cotran Conference Center
1:00 PM Clinical Pathology Conference: "Editing-in-Chief: What I have learned so far" Dr. Alexander McAdam Cotran Conference Center
2:30 PM Brain Cutting Autopsy suite
Wednesday, October 23, 2019
8:00 AM Physician-Scientist Career and Transfusion Medicine Dr. Li Chai Clinical Lab conference room
8:00 AM Autopsy Conference Autopsy suite
11:00 AM Hematopathology Interesting Case Conference GYN 14-headed scope
12:00 PM CAMD Conference: Undiagnosed disease network results Dr. Kimberly LeBlanc Cotran Conference Center
1:00 PM W&P Teaching Conference: Ovarian Serous Neoplasia: Borderline, Low-Grade and High-Grade Dr. David Kolin Cotran Conference Center
3:00 PM Multidisciplinary Interstitial Lung Disease Conference Cotran Conference Center
Thursday, October 24, 2019
8:00 AM Resident Interesting Case Conference: Pancreatic Tumors Dr. Fedaa Najdawi Dammin signout suite
1:00 PM Gross Micro Conference: "Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Is it really that simple?", Quick Case Dr. Tiffany Chen, Dr. Tony Isidro-Vega Cotran Conference Center
2:00 PM Microbiology Plate Rounds Bacteriology Laboratory
4:00 PM Cytopathology Diagnostic Conference Cytology conference room
Friday, October 25, 2019
8:00 AM DFCI Surgical and Molecular Oncologic Pathology Conference: Targeting MET in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Autopsy Case Dr. Christin Lepus, Dr. Stephanie Siegmund Cotran Conference Center
9:15 AM Autopsy Conference Autopsy suite
12:00 PM Women's and Perinatal Diagnostic Conference Dammin signout suite
1:00 PM Surgical Pathology Update: Deconstructing melanoma virulence: what makes melanoma so bad? Dr. George Murphy Cotran Conference Center
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